Week 34 - Snowglobe

This week's piece was written while I was at Sundance Film Festival. Needless to say, writing time was scarce, so I kept this one short, sharp and sweet. The night before I wrote this we saw a film called ‘Entertainment’ and it was absolutely brutal (read: not entertaining). There’s something very strange about travelling a long way, dealing with excitement and jet lag and snow, and being emotionally bent out of shape by a film you didn’t even particularly like.



Alone in the dark, tumbling about.

Made a mistake, and I’ve figured it out.


At the top of the hill, at the end of the road,

Lies an old wooden cabin weighed down by the load.


Off rolls the passageway, into the night,

Not a crack in its asphalt be punctured by light.


So I turn and look back, and try hard to know,

Listen for silence, hear the scuff of the snow.


And we slide back in place, angry and stout;

Stuck in a snowglobe

Tumbling about.



Words copyright Matt Vesely. Image copyright David Keen.