Journal Entry #3

Last week, I tried to write a poem and I feel it may have been a mistake. Well, not a mistake - everything I'm doing on here is an experiment, and failure is part of the process. But I mostly did a poem because I was writing last minute (Late on Sunday night after having life re-affirmed at Showdown XXXVII). I thought it would be faster. I guess it was, but I also think that poetry is a really articulate form that requires a lot more thought that just jamming out stream of consciousness mumbo jumbo. I think I'll try it again down the track, but give myself more time.

Time is probably the big thing that this project is trying to address. I don't ever feel like I have time to write, and I often wait around thinking "in a few weeks when things calm down I'll get to it." Which is utter bullshit; there's never going to be a 'good time' to write - you have to make it work around your life. I thought maybe this project would establish a bit more of a pattern or rhythm to my writing, but I'm not sure that's it - what I need to learn from it is an ability to write anywhere at anytime, to make time to write every week, every day. To prioritise it more. 

To not write shitty poetry because I have to, but write something I feel good about because I want to.