Journal Entry #4

This week, I'm cracking back into my short film, which is currently provisionally titled 'The Cordial Misadventures of Captain Invisible and the Winged Wonder' which is an absolutely bullshit title and will change soon.

I have to submit a new draft to the producers next Thursday. All of the gang at Closer had a read and we had a great feedback session a couple of weeks ago. The act of simply kicking it out to other people and tearing it open a bit was a helpful way of reengaging with the work, which I hadn't written on since November last year. 

But then, yesterday, I sat down to actually work on it, and didn't know where to begin. Just looked at the script and the notes and couldn't bear to start. When you're amongst a piece of work, thrashing it and shaping it comes naturally, but it's hard to step back into something after a period away, especially when it's something that's pretty tightly formed like a financed short film script. 

So I've decided to, over the weekend, just work on tasks. I'm going to do a whole bunch of character work on one of the characters (it's a two-hander). Then I'm going to free-form some dialogue between them, without any attention to the story, structure, length or anything that has come before it. I'm hoping this will get the juices flowing before I get back into the nitty gritty of redrafting an actual shooting script.

I shall check back in next Thursday and see how that all went... ONWARDS!