Week 23 - Truth Be Told

This week I wanted to play with a very short form, and obsess over the minute specifics of the individual words. I saw ‘Interstellar’, and it quotes a poem by Dylan Thomas over and over again – ‘Do not go gentle into that good night.’ I read the poem, and was really struck by the way it used simple phrasings to extremely dramatic effect. So I wanted to experiment with that kind of idea – how do words feel, what’s their rhythm, and how much meaning can you demonstrate within a very short set of ideas? What's the gap between abstraction and clarity? When do you stop changing something like this, a process that could go on ad infinitum?

Truth be told

Truth be told, we’ll never learn better

while tied down, fighting to find our seams

We’ll walk as far as truthful deems

with our feet pinched so close together.


And if we one day find the tether

creeping out from our singular frame

We’ll both sit quiet, hold tight night tame

Truth be told, feel only a feather.

Words copyright Matt Vesely. Image by Hariadhi,  http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Feather2.jpg